Our History

1988: Fu Jen Catholic University Center for religious studies , first in the country to be recognized by the Ministry of Education Taiwan, was established. Fr. Fang, Chih-Jung, Mark was the first director.

1992: Fu Jen Catholic University Department of Religious Studies was established with Taiwan’s first batch of Bachelor of Religious Studies. Fr. Bosco Lu S.J. was the first dean. 

1994: Restructuring of the department with Bachelor and Masters Degrees according to the guidelines given by the ministry of education. Fr. Bosco Lu S.J.was the head of the department.

1998: Professor Chan Tak-Kwong was appointed as the second head of the department.

2002: Special Master Degree Course

2003: Established Taiwan’s first Doctoral program in Religious Studies.

2004: Professor  Wong, Yai-Chow was appointed as the third head of the department.

2010: Professor John B. Chuang took over as the fourth head of the department.

2010: Established night division of Bachelor Degree.

2012: Associate Professor Yi-Jia Tsai became the fifth head of the department.

2018: Associate Professor Yin-chun Cheng became the sixth head of the department.