Our Emblem



Designed by 王端敏

The Taiji in the background symbolizes traditional Chinese culture, while the cross and the 卍 are symbols of Christianity and Buddhism. The mixture of the three and the basic colors of yellow, red and blue represent dialogue and interaction between different religious traditions and human culture, the ideal of Fu Jen Catholic University’s Department of Religious Studies.


Designed by Alumni 黃琬芸 (for the web)


  • The main theme is interreligious dialogue.
  • Our department consists of three main religious traditions - Christianity, Taoism and Buddhism
  • With the inclusion of Islam all four world religions are represented along with characteristic features of folk religions.
  • Spiritual communion is emphasized in line with the spirit of a Catholic university.

Religious integration

  • The dove at the center of logo is the symbol of Christianity.
  • The Bodhi leaf in the mouth of the dove is the symbol of Buddhism.
  • The Taiji at the background is the symbol of Taoism.
  • The inner circle of the logo consists of five-pointed star, moon and sun which are the symbols of Islam and folk religions.
  • The design of the outer circle of the logo is inspired by the rose windows of the Western Gothic architecture.

The structure of the emblem

  • Center: The religious symbols of three main religious traditions of the department.
  • The inner circle (Star, Moon and Sun): represents Islam and folk religions.
  • Outer circle (Rose flower window): represents ‘round of perfection’ which stresses the importance of interreligious dialogue.