Prospects after Graduation

1. Further studies and research: domestic or abroad

1.1. Religious studies, philosophy, history

1.2. Life education, death education and counseling, thanatology

1.3. Ethnic cultures (or ethnic relations), ethnic and national arts

1.4. Comparative literature, comparative cultural studies or cross-cultural studies

1.5. Psychology, sociology, social work, anthropology

1.6. Institute of environmental education

2. Non-profit institutions (administrative and practical)

2.1. Religious counseling in religious affiliated schools

2.2. Hospital counselors (chaplaincy ministry or pastoral care)

2.3. Administration of religious institutions, religious libraries, foundations and museums

2.4. Professional licensed funeral director

2.5. Supervisor and counselor in social welfare agencies

3. Public Service (civil servants, clergy)

3.1. Religious administrative staff (in public and government institutions)

3.2. School teachers

3.3. Life education instructors in secondary schools

3.4. Researchers or professors in universities

3.5. Assistants in research institutions