Guidelines for enrollment as approved by the Academic Affairs Council (26.04.2012)


1. Based on Fu Jen Catholic University enrollment guidelines (article XVIII), the department of religious studies (hereafter the department) made its own enrollment criteria.


2. Through resources and tutor supporting system, the department assists students to plan out their study program and course selection which in turn will promote self-learning and thus be responsible for their own planning and selection.


3. Course Selection

3.1 Undergraduates begin with ‘introduction to university’ course to better understand the academic curriculum. During the first semester, instructors help students with over planning and assist them to select the needed courses. From second year, students do the course selection and planning themselves.

3.2 Students of the department by attending the ‘freshman seminar’ become familiar with the dean, administrative staff, academic courses, and programs and under the guidance of instructors complete the course selection.

3.3 Instructors meet with students regularly to assess their academic performance and give timely guidance.

3.4 Guidance includes:

3.4.1 Helping student to select appropriate courses keeping in mind their future career, interest, employment, higher studies, ambition etc.

3.4.2 Helping students with selecting courses.

3.4.3 Constantly remind students about the conditions needed for graduation.

3.4.4 Helping students to solve problems related to course selection.


4. For students

4.1 During the first semester, students are required to complete the course plan.

4.2 Students must pay attention to their own planned courses and during their studies, if needed, make necessary changes in their course plan in consultation with their instructors and department office.

4.3 Students should select the courses needed only after the department announces its courses at the beginning of every semester.

4.4 Students are required to be familiar with manual issued by the department and other related details.


5. These enrollment guidelines are approved both by the president of the university and by the Academic Affairs Council.