International Conference

Conflict, Co-existence or Symbiosis? Religion and Politics, Past and Present

 (Organized by the Department of Religious Studies, Fu Jen Catholic University)

November 20-21, 2020

Special Announcement: Due to the continuous threat of COVID-19, the Conference will provide both in-person and online modes of participation. Registration is free, please send your name, title and institute/organization to on or before November 13, 2020 (12:00 Taipei Time UTC+8).

Updated Conferenece Programme (Click to Download)

Introduction to the Conference Theme

Religion and politics are two powers sometimes in competition, sometimes in collaboration, and no matter how, impacting social changes. Hence, while some people regard the intersection of these two powers as a dangerous territory to avoid at any cost, others believe it to be a crucial field to enhance personal and collective well-being here on earth and beyond.

Throughout history of both the East and the West, religion has never been able to ignore politics and vice versa. Ranging from theocracy to the separation of church and state, religion and politics have often been in a love-hate relationship, always afraid of getting too close to each other but very often walking side-by-side in different situations.

In Asia, religion has never been absent from either politics or people’s daily life. Secularization was widespread in the West during the 20th century, however, the trend of political debates in the beginning of the 21st century is so permeated with religious issues that one wonders whether secularization has gotten rid of religion. From a global perspective, it may even be said that secularization has never happened.

In this conference, we hope to converse with experts and scholars in different areas on topics related to the complex and subtle relationship between religon and politics. Perhaps through this we may have a glimpse of the possible ways in which religon and politics can join hands in the building of a better society and more desirable future for all?

We invite experts and scholars in all disciplines to present academic papers concerning the various relationships between religion and politics. Works on, but not limited to, the following topics are welcomed:

church-state relationship in historical context
law and religion
sociology of religion
political theology
liberation theologies
local theologies
state and church
religion and civil society
religion and democratic election
religion and war
religious aspects of politics
religion and power
nature of religion as implied in church-state relationship
influence of religion on politics
religion under political influence
religious scriptures and colonization
religion and imperial expansion

Keynote Speakers

Pablo Virgilio David (Bishop of Kalookan, the Philippines) [To Be Confirmed]
YING Fuk Tsang (Director of the Divinity School of Chung Chi College, the Chinese University of Hong Kong) [To Be Confirmed]

Call for Paper (Ended)

We invite submission of papers to be orally presented in 20 minutes. Please send your paper abstract of 250-350 words, along with your name and institution via email to on or before October 28, 2019. The decision of acceptance will be communicated before November 8, 2019.

Publication Plan

Presented papers may be submitted to Fu Jen Relgious Studies for publication after a double blind peer review process.